Treatment Approach and Techniques

When you first meet with your therapist at Mindful Psychotherapy LLC, your therapist will discuss with you which treatment approach she feels will be best suited to your needs.  If you have a strong interest in a particular treatment method, please do let us know. Frequently, the best treatment approach combines a variety of techniques.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is one of the best-researched, most effective psychotherapy treatments for a wide range of issues. CBT has been proven highly effective for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, addictions, and other issues. 

The premise of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is that thoughts influence feelings and behaviors; behaviors influence feelings and thoughts; and feelings influence thoughts and behaviors. Changing thoughts and behaviors can change how you feel!

Using CBT, we will help you identify what thoughts and behaviors are contributing to your undesirable feelings (despair, hopelessness, worry, etc).  We will jointly decide which thoughts and behaviors to target for change and we will help you learn how to change them. 

All four of the therapists at Mindful Psychotherapy, LLC are trained in CBT and utilize CBT concepts extensively in their therapy practices.


EMDR is another one of the best researched, most effective psychotherapy treatments for a wide range of issues, including trauma, panic attacks, and reducing stress.

For a full description of EMDR, please see our EMDR page.  

Barbara Heffernan is an Approved EMDR Consultant, and she finds EMDR to be an incredible tool to help clients get “unstuck.”  Dana Carretta is fully trained in working with EMDR, with children, ages 3 and up, teenagers, and adults.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy is an extremely well-established psychodynamic technique that is very effective with family therapy, or individual therapy when working with family issues. Gestalt Therapy uses a mindful, non-judgmental awareness to explore the client’s experience.

Dolores Brown is Certified in Gestalt Therapy, and she integrates this technique throughout her counseling. 

Mindfulness and Meditation

Extensive research has shown Mindfulness Meditation to be highly effective for anxiety reduction, relapse prevention (for depression and addiction) and stress reduction. Research also documents excellent physical health and emotional health benefits from mindfulness and meditation.

All four of the psychotherapists at Mindful Psychotherapy, LLC integrate elements of mindfulness throughout their work with clients.